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300-21R - Also known as 300 Whisper

This is pictures of a "Cerrosafe" casting of a Custom Shop Barrel. The "Throat" is miss aligned as can be seen in the following pictures....Just click on the thumbnail...This is a SS Rifle barrel

Full-Throat_s.gif (124184 bytes) Just click on the pictures for a full screen view.

No-Throat_3lands_s.gif (116416 bytes)

Shallow-land-into-throat_s.gif (114975 bytes)

Two-Full-lands-in-throat_s.gif (119756 bytes)

Here is a 14" SS Factory Barrel 

It too has a miss aligned throat

223_END-OF-NECK.gif (532286 bytes) Click on the pictures for a full screen and better view.

223_END-OF-NECK_2.gif (509671 bytes)