Well, as I said, when I got some time I would start shooting and see how this replacement barrel shoots.

While waiting to find some Federal Factory 204 Ruger with the 39gr SBK’s I decided to go ahead and start shooting it a little to get it shot in.

As I normally do, shoot one shot, clean, shot one shot, clean. I did this for about twenty rounds down the barrel. Then I started shooting three shot groups between each cleaning. Now I am shooting five rounds between a dry patch or two. And thing are starting to get better, at least with 39gr SBK’s.

I am getting ahead of myself. First I tried many different powders and many different bullets in the 32gr group. The best was a .409 and I am looking for a smaller group than that at 100 yards.

So after finding some Factory Federal with the 39gr SBK’s I fired a few just to compare what the factory was telling me about this new barrel. Their test target showed a nice tight .300 group at 100 yards. It is a computer generated target and a little hard to believe. Well the Factory Federal shot a three shot group of .419, close enough for me.

So giving up on the 32gr’s for a while, I located some 2015 powder and picked up a box of 39gr SBK’s. Loaded a series of three rounds each of 2015 from 25.4 to 25.8 in one tenth increments, being that 25.6 was a real good load. I did two different series, one with an OAL of 2.345 and one group at 2.400 and this showed not much difference in the results except that the 2.400 was a little better. The throat in this barrel is quite long, and no way to even get close to the rifling.

Now for some of today’s results. Click on thumbnail for larger photo.

Target 1.jpg (69833 bytes)     Target 6.jpg (68746 bytes)    Target 10.jpg (67796 bytes)    Targets 1_2_3_4_5.jpg (78345 bytes)    Targets 1_2_3_4_5.jpg (78345 bytes)

Now it is shooting the 39gr SBK, it is time to get back to the lighter bullets.