This is the "BIG-50 Flat"

It is designed to handle the Big Boys, It is a little longer than the other benches.

It is all metal, and is sandblasted then primed with an epoxy primer.

The seat is fully adjustable, and can be used Right or Left side.

The seat is coated with an Industrial Rubberized Coating. Both Bench Tops are coated with the same Coating.

The Legs are 32"long and are fixed length. 

As an accessory, upgrade you can have 8" of slide adjustment for unleveled ground.

This is how it is all stowed. All the legs and the seat lock onto their own mountings. This bench requires NO TOOLS to set up or breakdown. And can be done in seconds.

This is one way to get your bench to where you want it. It is a little heavy to carry very far (average is 42lbs.) You get this bench painted and ready to use (one color - your choice) Blend of two or more colors extra.

This bench with fixed legs sells for $269.95 + S/H to your Zip Code.

The bench with 8" adjustable legs for unleveled ground is $344.95 + S/H to your Zip Code.


Call or email for ordering information:

material/specifications/price - subject to change without notice