Chamber Work

There are many ways to cut a "Chamber". One can only do what works best for him or her. That being said, I have watched and listen to many gunsmiths over the years.

I have formed my own opinion on what works best for me. Not all will agree with my style. I also listen to what fluid they find works best, and again, I listen. I also have my own mix of fluids to lubricate and flush the chips as I cut a chamber. I use a "Flood" system from the muzzle end that flows through the barrel and supplies a constant flow for flushing the chips, and lubricating the reamer. It also contains a "Non-Chatter" fluid, which also helps. The constant flow also helps to keep everything nice and cool.



Again, there are many discussions as to what is the best finish. If it is too rough, it makes marks on your brass, and may make it a little harder to extract. If it too smooth and shinny, It puts additional thrust on the bolt or frame and makes those "Wild Cats" harder to fire form brass, in my humble opinion. So I try and end up somewhere in between.

As most of us know, the "Throat" is most important. Yes, it all should be nice and straight and on center line of the bore. But the throat must be concentric and in line with the bore, and of proper size and length if you want a "Tack-Driver".

As I set up a barrel for a chamber or re-chamber, I dial in the area where the new throat will be. It is first dialed in with a "Range Rod" with the proper bushing to fit the bore exact. After that, I check it again with a "Coaxial Centering Indicator", which is a high dollar instrument that is held in the tail stock of the lathe with a long probe the goes inside the bore, and is used by hand turning the lathe chuck. It will show the smallest amount of off center, or out of round. The off center can be corrected, but out of round can not, and will be cause to reject the barrel for a chamber or re-chamber.

If it is a re-chamber, the rest of the chamber must be on center enough to allow the new chamber to be cut. If the chamber is too far off center, I will also reject that barrel for a re-chamber by myself. All these factors must come together to produce a good new chamber.


My Goal

It is my goal to produce a quality chamber or re-chamber at a reasonable price.

I will re-chamber TC Factory barrels and Bergara barrels ONLY. I will chamber only new barrels that I have had made.

If you have a "Custom Barrel" I suggest you send it back to the barrel maker that made it for any work you want to have done to it.

Barrel finish will be guarded as much as possible, however from time to time there is a chance of minor damage to the finish. I try very hard to keep this from happening, but it may, and I can not be held responsible for any damage.

Jim L. "Shots" Hendershot Sr.