Comments from a few of my good customers.

I received my bench yesterday and am very impressed.  The design is very well thought out and functional.  The workmanship is outstanding.  The ease of assembly and disassembly is amazing.  I could not be more pleased.  I look forward to many years of use.

Thanks, Glenn


Your product is outstanding and exceeds the functionality of any other bipod
made in the USA. The welds are clean, finish is fantastic, intelligently
engineered, highly durable, and bench or field ready. This bipod works as
stated in your website. I anticipate purchasing your Rear Monopod as well.

Thank You,

John Eiwen


I received my Rock-Solid 752 yesterday. I am impressed so far. ArmaLite should recommend using your bipod, not that "other" brand. I will keep you in mind for the next time I purchase some fun stuff.

Jim S

p.s. I intend to let ArmaLite Customer Service know which bipod I think they should be recommending.


Received the bipod, and finally (today) had a chance to try it out, and I am very impressed, and quite satisfied with my purchase. I can't figure out why ArmaLite would ever "recommend" the Harris bipod for the AR50! If you need a reference, you can use my name. The bipod does everything you promised and then some, and I don't find it any harder to remove it than the exercise I had to go through to "collapse" the Harris I had used prior to receiving your bipod. Thanks!

Robert Vande Walle


It is very impressive and believe you have a winner!
John M Galbraith III


I just wanted to let you know that the bipod arrived today and it is outstanding! The construction and design is perfect and I have never seen any that are built as well as yours. I appreciate how quick you shipped it to me and I can't wait to try it out.
Please feel free to use me as a reference for your superb products. Once I get the shooting bench you are building for me I will have a complete system.
                    All the best,    David W. Kropelnicki


The bench arrived today and it is super! It is really nice to see someone that takes pride in their work and builds something that is absolutely the best. Please feel free to use me as a reference for your products any time. I appreciate your work.
                        Sincerely,   David W. Kropelnicki

Thanks for fast service and quality is A+. I am in awe of the quality you have produced. I will definitely refer my buddy to you for purchases. Like I said, it is hard to find this good of quality alongside customer service.

Andy Weathers


Jim: Got the frame and top finished this past Sunday.  Used satin poly
on the top.
Didn't want much shine on it.  The welds were perfect and the frame was
and level.  This is the most stable shooting bench I have ever thrown a
sandbag over.
Your instructions were very easy to follow and understand.  You are
nothing short of
a class act.  Thanks so much for a great product and outstanding
Thanks again,
Gary Astolos