I will be offering Custom Wood for all of the TC frames and Barrels

Also Custom Wood for any of the Aftermarket Barrels

I will be starting with Forends and Pistol Grips for the TC Contender and Forends that will fit the G2

Next will come Custom Wood for the G2 Pistol Grip and later I will be working up Custom Wood for the Encore Pistol and Barrels


If you don't see anything you like, give me a call or email me, and I may be able to fill your wishes

(541) 472-5279

Brown Lamaminate Set.JPG (339463 bytes) This set is "Brown Laminate" and fits the Contender. The Grip has a Thumb rest and has the "Birds-head" shape which makes heavy recoil feel better, no bite from the bottom edge of the Grip.  The Forend is what I call a Target/Varmint Style. It is 8 1/2 inches long - 2 1/8 inches wide and 1 3/8 tall. It has a nice wide, flat bottom. A slight taper from front to back. It is finished in Urethane Simi-Gloss. Includes Forend Screws and Grip Bolt.  Forend and Grip Wood Set - $90.00 (frame-barrel and scope not included - you are buying a finished wood set only)*****SOLD***** But can build another

Get one of these un-finished forends for you Contender Carbine. They are Nice Walnut, full inlet and fitted with screws. You do the final shaping and sanding, plus the finish of your choice. You can Carbine Forends_unfinished.jpg (63969 bytes) have one for only $35.00    They are 9 1/2 inches long, 2 1/2 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches thick. And are of the Target/Varmint style. They have a 2 degree slope from front to back on the bottom. They fit your hand and a bench rest well. Also they have the machined in "Pillar". Giving you a "Free Float Barrel" for increased accuracy. (see un-finished Walnut further down the page)

Here is a nice "Brown Laminate" forend that fits the single screw 10" Contender Barrels. It has a machined in "Pillar" and is finished, ready for you to install on your barrel, and comes with a Brn_Lam_10_single screw.jpg (63695 bytes)mounting screw. And it can be yours for only $39.95  It is 6 1/4 inch long,  1 7/8 inch wide, and is 1 1/4 inch thick. It has a 1 degree slope from front to back on the bottom. It fits your hand and a bench rest just fine. Also the "Pillar" gives you a "Free Float Barrel". It has a Simi-gloss Urethane finish. *****SOLD***** But can build another


Here is a nice piece of Walnut. I have shaped it into a "Sporter" style. It is fully finished in Simi-Gloss Urethane. It comes with attaching screws.Walnut_finished_T_V.jpg (56714 bytes) And is 8 1/4 inches long, 2 3/8 inches wide at the widest, and is 1 1/2 inches wide in the front. It is 1 1/8 inches thick. It fits your hand nicely, but also has a flat area on the bottom that will work on a rest. The bottom has a 2 degree slope front to back. It has a full barrel channel, no pillars. This will fit 12" and 14" two screw barrels for the Contender and G2. It can be yours for only $39.95  *****SOLD***** But can build another




9 in. Walnut.JPG (44361 bytes) Click    (HERE)   for full details on un-finished Walnut Forends





S/H of $8.95 normal Priority Mail  shipping is for the lower 48 states only, and is USPS Priority Mail. Alaska and Hawaii extra charge. Sales only to the USA.  Subject to price change without notice. Subject to availability.