Dirty Encore

I received this frame to do a trigger job on it. As you can see in all the photo's this frame has missed out on some TLC.

The problem with letting your frame get into this condition is you run the risk of not only parts being damaged, but "Misfires" and worse yet "The Firing Pin getting stuck forward". If it gets stuck forward, you run the risk of not getting it open, and if you do, you will most likely bend the firing pin.

You should, from time to time, depending on the shooting conditions, i.e. rain, dust, dirt etc. Take your frame apart as much as you feel comfortable doing, and clean all the gunk and grime out. You can use many different spray products on the market today. Then oil lightly, do not over do the oil. Do not put oil on the hammer node or the sear surface, they work best dry. Blow or wipe off all the extra oil. Oil too much, and you can possibly create more problems than you fix.

The screw that holds the "Firing Pin Bushing" in the frame, was also very loose. Keep it tightened up tight. Also the "Trigger Guard Pivot Screw" was quite loose. Keep it tight also. Both of these screws will work loose, and need to be checked often.

Here are some photo's to look at

Just click on the "Thumbnails" for a full sized photo.

And better viewing of the problems

Firing-Pin_1.gif (530549 bytes)      Frame_2.gif (507649 bytes)      Hammer.gif (562889 bytes)      Inside-trigger-guard.gif (581915 bytes)      Sear.gif (569725 bytes)    Trigger.gif (497940 bytes)      Interlock.gif (588329 bytes)        Don't let this happen to your frame. If you feel like you do not want to take it apart, send it my way, and I will do a "Deep Clean" for you.