This is my "KIT-BENCH" for the folk's that want to design their own top. It can be set up for Right or Left Handed Shooters. It also can be set up to shoot Pistol, just use the front leg. It is an all metal bench. Most folk's that want a thick wood top of their own design buy this bench. It is 20" wide in the front and is 12" wide in the back, It is 24" front to back.

The three legs are 32"long, with an additional slide adjustment for unleveled ground of 8"

The seat is fully adjustable for your seating height. It is covered with an Industrial Rubberized Coating that you can paint to match the rest of your bench.

This is the Knob that adjusts the Leg Extensions for unleveled ground. You get 8" of slide adjustment.

This is the Leg Locking Knob, just slide the leg onto its mounting post, and tighten the knob. NO TOOLS

This is the Seat Safety Knob. Just loosen and slide the seat to where it fits you best.

This is the seat. It is quite comfortable. It is an extra $49.95 The standard at no extra charge, is just the post sticking out, you add your own seat to it.

This is the nice little plastic covers you install after you paint your bench. They give it that FINISHED LOOK.   

This is what it looks like after it is put together. It comes primed with an Industrial Red Oxide Primer or Self Etching Primer. Color may vary...

This Kit Bench can be yours for only $199.95 + S/H to your Zip Code.

As show with expanded metal seat, add $49.95 for that style seat. Otherwise you will have a seat bar to bolt your seat to. It will still be fully adjustable on the leg.

Call or email for ordering information.

Prices and style may change without notice...