After years of trying to shoot my Specialty Pistols from a bench with many different combinations of bags and sand bags, I now have developed  a "FULLY ADJUSTABLE" and "ROCK-SOLID" Pistol Rest that is built with the best materials possible. The all-thread rod I use is industrial hardened rod, not that cheap zinc coated rod that can be bought at the local hardware store. All the knobs have a commercial black oxidized finish. The hand wheel is cast iron. And all the open ends of the square tubing are plugged with a nice plastic caps for that final touch of class.


I offer this rest in a "Standard" configuration or a "Custom Finish". After the rest is built, it is either sandblasted and primed with an epoxy primer, or is primed with a self-etching primer depending on the weather, and painted with a commercial gloss black acrylic enamel. The "Custom Finished" rests can be a multitude of custom and exotic paint combinations (see photos below).


I use and sell only the finest bags available IMHO. They are made by "PROTEKTOR" and are supplied with the rest fully filled and ready to use at the same price you pay from them. See all their bags at www.protektormodel.com I offer you your choice of which front bag you want, Number1, Number2 or Number3. I use the Number16 for the rear bag.

The "ROCK-SOLID" STANDARD PISTOL REST With Bags  $149.95 plus S/H to your Zip Code

Std_6.jpg (176718 bytes)    Std_5.jpg (351258 bytes)    Standard_3.jpg (301172 bytes)    Standard Pistol Rest_2.jpg (201597 bytes)  Click on Thumbnail for a larger picture.



This is a "Standard" with the addition of a "Custom Color". The clear coat has gold flakes in it, it does not show well in the picture, but looks great in person. I forgot to put the black plastic plugs in the end of the tubing before taking the pictures....bad me...

Custom Paint Color_2.jpg (276998 bytes)   

          Custom Paint Color_5.jpg (208511 bytes)          Custom Paint Color_6.jpg (324099 bytes)    Click on Thumbnail picture for a look at full size.    




Here is an example of "Custom Paint". This is EERI-DRESS CANDY APPLE RED over a black base and clear coated with Clear Urethane.

ED_2.jpg (160581 bytes)             ED_3.jpg (202163 bytes)    Click on Thumbnail for a larger picture.

The photos do not do justice to this "Custom Paint". In person it is real eye catcher, and shows it's beauty a lot better. This effect is available in many choices of color or combinations of colors.

The "Custom Colors" and the "Custom Paint" can be added to your "Standard" Pistol Rest for an additional charge. There are too many options to post prices. Please contact me for all the options.

Call (541) 472-5279 Remember I am in Pacific Time Zone, or email  shots@shotsgunsmithing.com